What is Travel with Kids:

Travelwithkids.dk is a online platform and agency that helps families plan their travels. We want to make it easy for families to explore the world, and ensure families the best trips possible without the stress and hassle of the unknown and tiresome planning phase. We charge a small fee for our services, and if you think our plan is the one for you, we will be happy to help you book hotels and resorts from our curated selection.

We also have an inspiration section, to give you a glimps into our world and taste. As our purpose is to make travel easier for families, we often curate things, hotels, experiences etc. that we love and share them with you.

Travelwithkids.dk is owned by Thit Stærmose Petersen. Thit is a third culture kid, having grown up in Asia. She’s an avid traveller, mom of two kids, art/book, and general culture lover. She has a BA in English and Post Colonial Studies and a Masters in Visual Culture and has worked in digital for almost ten years.

The pictures

If nothing else is mentioned, pictures are on the site are our personal property.

If you should want to use one of the images elsewhere, please send us an email at info@travelwithkids.dk and ask for permission – as well as crediting us with both name and link.